Designing Interactive Holographic Environments in Grasshopper – 3 Day Workshop

McNeel Europe (Barcelona) welcomes Gwyllim Jahn and Cameron Newnham, co-founders of Fologram, for a 3-day Augmented Reality Workshop for Rhino and Grasshopper on April 9-11.

With Augmented Reality (AR) designers can visualise 3D models within physical environments and at scale. This training introduces new tools and workflows that allow 3D models to be dynamic, leverage headset data (position and orientation, gaze, and gesture) and to build new applications directly within Grasshopper.

Participants will form teams and collaborate closely with workshop leaders to develop projects with immediate use cases and based around one of the following themes:

  • Proximity feedback for measurement and interaction
  • Responsive environments
  • Interactive holographic modeling
  • Interactive design markup
  • Interactive simulation and analysis

Participants will also build prototypical projects with immediate use cases in industry and gain confidence in developing further applications for mixed reality environments.

All participants will work directly with Microsoft Hololens headsets through all phases of the workshop.

Please click here for further information or to register for the workshop.

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