Buying Rhino 6 for Mac

Rhino 6 is now available for Windows and packed full of lots of new features and enhancements including the new cross-platform licences, meaning your version 6 licence will work on both Windows and Mac. Rhino 6 for Mac is expected soon

See all of the new features of Rhino 6.

As the Mac version of Rhino 6 has not yet been released it’s left users wondering what they need to purchase to get up and running in the meantime, without being stuck on an older version.

The Answer… Legacy Licences.

When you purchase a Rhino 6 licence,  you can now request a Rhino 5 for Mac (or windows) legacy licence to run on the same machine. This means Mac users can get up and running with Rhino straight away with the added benefit of moving straight to version 6 as soon as it’s released!

Existing Rhino Users

There is currently 20% off upgrades until the 15th May and as the licences are now cross-platform, the upgrade product is the same for both Windows and Mac users.

When you upgrade your licence you can continue to run the older installation on your machine, but your v5 licence can no longer be installed on new machines. So users with plug-ins that haven’t been updated yet can continue to run v5 until they’re ready.

But I Won’t Need Rhino 6 for Mac…

If you’re looking to purchase Rhino for Mac today and you have no plans to upgrade when Rhino 6 for Mac is released, then we still have Rhino 5 for mac licences available to purchase here. Otherwise, the most cost effective option to get Rhino for Mac today and ensure you can use Rhino 6 for Mac when it’s released is to purchase Rhino 6 today and request a legacy licence.

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