Vectorworks May 2020

Vectorworks 30% Offer Extended

The opportunity to save 30% on Vectorworks, originally scheduled to end today, has been extended right through May.

You can now save 30% on Vectorworks until May 31st 2020. This offer includes new licences, upgrades, Service Select, add-on modules, Vision and training, whether you’re a new or existing Vectorworks user.

Save on Vectorworks

If you’re having any difficulty accessing licences while working remotely at this time, please contact us and we will help explore your options.

Service Select renewals, dongles, shipping, reinstatement fees and subscriptions are excluded from this offer.

Other Ways to Buy Vectorworks

If you’re looking to buy Vectorworks, but would prefer monthly payments over an up front lump sum – there are now more choices than ever!

Spreading Vectorworks Payments

  • We can offer business leasing so you can spread the cost of a perpetual licence monthly between your choice of 2 to 5 years.
  • PayPal Credit offers 4 months interest free payments, and can be used for longer terms based on their interest charges.
  • We can also split the payment for you into three instalments. One initial payment, followed by two more with 30 days between them.

Spread the cost of Vectorworks

Vectorworks Subscriptions

Did you know all versions of Vectorworks are now available as a Vectorworks Subscription?

Unlike the other options to spread the cost of a perpetual licence, the subscription allows users to choose month to month if they require the software – or an annual option is available. Vectorworks subscriptions are ideal for users when the length of a project that requires Vectorworks is limited, or perhaps when it’s necessary to add more workstations just for a few months. However, if you expect to use Vectorworks indefinitely, it is far more cost effective to purchase a perpetual licence.

Buy a Vectorworks Subscription

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