V-Ray 5 for Revit

V-Ray 5 for Revit Update 1

The first major V-Ray for Revit update is available now, providing powerful new features to speed up workflows. Multiple natural lighting scenarios can now be created with Light Gen to study a model’s behavior in different environments, users can automatically convert Revit materials to V-Ray materials, and multiple rendering views can be sent to the cloud for rendering in bulk.

Easy Lighting Experimentation
Light studies are an essential step in the project development process, but they can take considerable time and effort. With Light Gen, speed up the process of creating natural lighting variants to study interiors and exteriors. Revit users can now generate hundreds of lighting scenarios for their BIM model without any manual setup. They can easily set the number of sky variations and generate preview thumbnails to choose for rendering with a single click.

Revit Material Conversion
With the new Revit material convertor, users can promote native materials to V-Ray ones, and take advantage of advanced material workflows. Even the most demanding project specifications can be accurately represented to help BIM technicians, builders, and clients get a real sense of the architect’s design intent. Customised materials can be saved for quick deployment in other projects.

Batch Rendering on the Cloud
Architects and designers are always combating tight schedules. To help them produce multiple presentation-grade renders with lightning speed, more than one view can now be submitted for simultaneous Chaos Cloud rendering. Users can set up individual preferences for each render and send them in bulk to Chaos Cloud while they continue modelling in Revit without any load on their system.

Cosmos updates

Network Storage Support
Now users can save their Cosmos models on shared storage, including mapped drives, UNC paths and services like Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive. This helps alleviate their individual storage load and allows for worksharing with colleagues—an asset only needs to be downloaded
once and then it can be imported by multiple users.

Growing Selection
On the content side, the library has grown to more than 850 assets with the addition of new furniture, accessories, lighting fixtures, vehicles, 3D people, and two new content partners.
Other improvementsFaster denoising for CPU — Now with the Open Image Denoise engine, users can take advantage of fast interactive rendering on any CPU configuration.
Improved Aerial Perspective — Users have even more control over realistic atmospheric effects for exterior images.

The latest version of V-Ray 5 for Revit is available now.

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