Rhino for Mac – Now Shipping!

It may have been a long time coming – but Rhino for Mac is now available!

Rhino for Mac finally liberates Mac users from running Rhino on a physical or emulated Windows environment.

The slightly reduced functionality is offset for now in the insanely good value promotional pricing of just €295 or £210. This will last 90 days before pricing goes up. It’s worth getting on board with the promo pricing as license holders will receive all the updated functionality in update releases once they have a full license.
Why not buy Rhino for Mac today?

Rhino for Mac vs Rhino for Windows

Rhino for Mac
Rhino for Windows
Versatile 3D Modelling X X
Mesh Tools X X
Analysis Tools X X
Drafting Tools X X
Support Included X X
Stylistic Display Modes X X
Compatibility X X
Scriptable X X
Plugin Support X
Grasshopper X
Layouts X
Worksessions X
Animation Tools X

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