Maxwell Render 5.2

Maxwell V5.2 Improves Denoising, Multilight and More

An important update to Maxwell Render has arrived! Version 5.2 comes with new compatibility, many fixes, and improvements.

  • This update is FREE to existing Maxwell 5 users.
  • There is also special upgrade pricing for users on V4 or lower.

New Denoiser Implementation

Maxwell no longer needs to run two passes of the denoiser, making for a more solid, and easy to use experience. Denoiser information is kept in the mxi file, the memory requirements are reduced to the minimum, and new fine-tuning options are available.

Multilight GPU

As easy and powerful as always, Multilight is now available to the GPU engine. Change the different light intensity during or after the render has finished.

Substance Materials Support

Customise parameters inside Maxwell after directly loading the .sbsar files downloaded from the huge Substance Source library into the Substance Designer assistant.

Click here to view the full release notes.

Maxwell Render is available now at CAD Software Direct.

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